What Do WE Sing?

Corporate Worship

It is our conviction that worship music in our corporate gathering must reflect biblical beliefs. These days, many churches rely on the music that is popular on Christian radio, and completely abandon traditional music. Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) tends to focus on private experience. While individual experience is important, corporate worship is different, and must emphasize the gathered nature of Sunday singing. Therefore, Immanuel takes seriously the "community dimension" of Sunday worship.

Song Selection

So what do we sing? We sing retuned ancient hymns, scripture songs, and and modern worship songs that call a community to respond in concrete action. We also seek to be Trinitarian and Christo-centric in the song set each week.

Worship Philosophy

The songs you sing mold your beliefs about God and shape your spiritual practice. Here's a quote from Zac Hicks that represents our worship philosophy:

"For too long, we’ve separated worship from discipleship. We think of discipleship as all those things that take place outside of worship—small groups, Bible studies, one on one relational ministry, etc. Against that idea, we should see worship as disciple-making territory. Worship has a shaping effect on the way people relate to God the other six days of the week. It informs people’s theology. It teaches them how to pray. Worship leaders have a pastoral opportunity to understand that the worship services they plan and lead provide the core practices and principles of our spiritual formation."

Worship Resources

The selection of music you'll hear on Sunday are highly influenced by the worship philosophy of different Reformed pastors: Bruce Benedict, Bob Kauflin, Dustin Kensrue, Citizens & Saints, The Gospel Song Union, Zac Hicks and the insights of Mike Cosper in his book "Rhythms of Grace."

Here are few links to the unique song selection you'll find at Immanuel:





Or you can access our playlist on Spotify.